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Collecting inkwells for many years. This has started as hobby, when I was working for large international companies as IT consultant. My job gave me opportunitity to visit many different countries and build one of the biggest inkwell collection in Russia.

Well known Russian collector, a member of Russian Collectors society, Moscow local collectors club and International Society of Inkwell Collectors.

For the last few years I have organized a number of various exhibitions based on my private collection. I also wrote various articles about antique inkwells (a history of inkwells, interesting stories about inkwells and their owners). 

I have a Web site devoted to inkwells (in Russian) --> 


In an age of technology where e-mail, texting, and Twitter have become ubiquitous, handwriting (previously known as penmanship) are considered archaic and irrelevant by young people. Once-commonplace tools,  inkwells become forgotten.......

My objectives are:

  • Organizing educational exhibitions to engage young people and make young people interested in handwriting/inkwells/writting tools.  Interactive exibitions, where  the visitors not only can look on antique inkwells and writing tools, but also could try old fashioned handwriting using the reed and quill pens....

  • Sharing my passion & knowledge of inkwells collecting and engage more people: my Web site  provides in-depth guide into the world of inkwells. Useful links & hints, Collector’s Guide, how to identify and research antiques....

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